Whaleclub Deposit Bonus

Whaleclub is a trading platform based in Hong Kong that allows you to trade a wide range of Global financial markets whilst using cryptocurrency. The idea was to use digital currencies to reduce the cost of trading which could then be passed on to traders in the form of smaller spreads and zero execution fees. Whaleclub offers instant deposits, low-latency execution, worldwide market access from over 190 countries, small spreads, privacy, and high levels of customer service.

Whaleclub Bonus February 2018

Whaleclub 30% Deposit Bonus When You Sign Up Through CryptoPromoCodes!
Whaleclub 30% Deposit Bonus When You Sign Up Through CryptoPromoCodes!

Example: Deposit 1BTC and get a 0.3BTC bonus added to your account based on your trading volume.

How To Get Your Whaleclub 30% Deposit Bonus

You don’t need to a referral code or promo code to receive your 30% deposit bonus at Whaleclub. Simply click on the green link above and register a new account as normal. When you make your first deposit your 30% bonus will be added to your account. Read on to find out how the bonus works in greater detail.

How Does The Whaleclub Bonus Work?

If you sign up through our link you will be eligible for a 30% deposit bonus this means that if you make a deposit of 1BTC you will earn a 0.3BTC bonus. This is not just restricted to BTC but is open to other coins.

The bonus isn’t released immediately but will instead be gradually released to your account based on your trading volume until the totals bonus amount has been released. Bonus payments are released on both classic and turbo trading and can be considered as partial refunds on trades that go the wrong way to soften the loss.

There is no limit to the size of the bonus, the more you deposit the larger the bonus you will receive this is because the bonus is only released when you trade a certain amount. You can also withdraw your full deposit and the amount of bonus you have released at any time so you are not forced into any contract forcing you to trade at Whaleclub for a longer period of time than you would like.