Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review

8.6 Solid Choice

The TREZOR is a good basic hardware wallet that will serve most altcoin users’ purposes. Small and lightweight, it was designed with the average cryptocurrency user in mind, making it simple to use and operate whilst remaining secure. It is a little bit pricier than some of its competitors but still provides a solid choice for storing your cryptocurrencies.

  • Ease Of Use 9
  • Design 8
  • Security 9.5
  • Value For Money 8

The TREZOR was the first; and is still one of the most popular, cryptocurrency hardware wallets around.

Even though it first appeared back in 2014, an eternity in the altcoin universe, TREZOR is still widely used. Despite its’ age, the TREZOR still has some unique features that its’ major competitors have not matched.

The biggest selling point is that the TREZOR is still the toughest hardware wallet on the market. It has a waterproof case that is supposed to be drop proof. There are folding parts on the TREZOR’s case which makes it less prone to breakage than the Ledger Nano S. The case is also supposed to be able to survive temperatures as low as -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) and as high as 60 Celsius (140 Fahrenheit).

That makes TREZOR very popular among those looking for emergency offline altcoin storage. TREZOR’s best-known competitors; the Nano Ledger S and Keep Key, are nowhere near as tough. Neither of those devices is designed to withstand extremes of cold or heat or to be drop-resistant.

Trezor Unboxed

So what is the TREZOR anyway?

TREZOR was first launched in 2014 as the TREZOR Bitcoin Safe by Satoshi Labs, a company in the Czech Republic that started as a mining pool. So far, the TREZOR is the only Hardware wallet sold by Satoshi Labs.

Current versions of the TREZOR can be used to store many popular altcoins including;Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, ERC-20, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash or Bcash, and Zcash.This means that it is possible to store some ERC-20 Ethereum initial coin offering (ICO) tokens in the TREZOR

Satoshi Labs claims that the TREZOR is malware-proof, but provides no evidence to backup those contentions. There are two layers of security on the TREZOR password protection and two-factor authentication. Users gain access to their cryptocurrency by tapping in a password on small buttons.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The TREZOR is compatible with the Android, Linux, current versions of Windows and Apple IOS, and Google Chrome operating systems which should enable users to transfer coins through most computers and smartphones.

Since TREZOR is Android compatible a variety of apps including some Ethereum functions can be installed on it. Users will have to install the TREZOR Wallet or the MyEtherWallet app in order to store Ether and ERC-20 ICO tokens on the TREZOR.

TREZOR can be integrated with a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges and online applications. These include the WordPress blogging platform, Bitstamp, Coinpayments, Coinmap, Bitwala, OSclass, Bitex, and Strip8it. That means you will be able to pay for some of those services or trade cryptocurrency with altcoins stored in the TREZOR without transferring them to a different wallet.

It is also possible to access coins on TREZOR through Android devices using TREZOR Manager app from Satoshi Labs. The TREZOR Manager is available through Google Play.

Another App called TREZOR Connect allows interconnectivity with a number of third-party created applications available through Github. Currently, TREZOR Connect only seems to be available at theSatoshi Labs website.

The most interesting new capability available through TREZOR is messaging. Messages sent through Ethereum can be received on TREZORs equipped with an app called MyEtherWallet. It is also possible to sign and verify Ethereum messages received through TREZOR. That means you might be able to store smart contracts in the TREZOR.

TREZOR Features

Trezor PIN

The TREZOR is small and light-weight. It is just 60 millimeters (2.3622 inches) long and 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) wide, and weighs only .42 ounces (12 grams).

That means the TREZOR will fit comfortably into most pockets and not take up much room in a purse, backpack, or luggage. The small size and rugged construction make TREZOR popular with travelers and survivalists.

Many of them like it because the TREZOR can be plugged safely into most public computers and android smartphones. That means it can be used to access cryptocurrency away from home or even on the run.

This also makes the TREZOR popular with persons who live in developing nations, and those who work outdoors. Despite that, it is equipped with two-factor security to keep the bad guys out of cryptocurrency.

One feature many users dislike is the small OLED screen which can be hard to read. Those who want to use a larger screen on a hardware wallet will have to wait for the Ledger Blue which is expected start selling on October 31, 2017. The lack of a keyboard can make it hard to enter a code or to manage coins without being connected to another device.

A Good Basic Hardware Wallet

The TREZOR is a good basic hardware wallet that will serve most altcoin users’ purposes. Unlike some of the Ledger products, TREZOR seems to be designed with average people and life in the real world in mind.

It can survive being dropped, getting wet, or taking a trip through an airport’s baggage system. TREZOR is also designed to work with less than ideal computers such as those at public libraries or in internet cafes.

TREZOR lacks the added management functions offered Ledger’s Nano Blue, but most people will not need them. It is a little pricey for such a basic wallet selling at around €89 ($106.98) on Amazon in the United States.

Unlike the Ledger products, TREZOR is usually in stock at Amazon and can be ordered through Amazon Prime. There are also several suppliers for it available on Amazon. It is also possible to order TREZOR through other online retailers including

Ledger’s products are often sold out on Amazon, and even on the company’s own website. When they are available there is often a waiting list for the Nano S and the next-generation Ledger Blue.

If you just want a basic storage solution that is rugged enough to survive everyday life, TREZOR is probably the best choice right now. It is far from the most advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet on the market, but TREZOR will meet most people’s needs.

Shop around if you are looking for the TREZOR because a lot of retailers offer it and some of them will discount. If you can find at a good price the TREZOR is still one of the best deals in hardware wallets around.


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