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Genesis Mining Promo Code February 2018


(With this genesis mining promo code you will get a discount of 3% on all your purchases!)
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3% Off All Of Your Purchases At Genesis Mining!
3% Off All Of Your Purchases At Genesis Mining!
3% Off On DASH, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Zcash Mining Contracts At Genesis Mining!
3% Off On DASH, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Zcash Mining Contracts At Genesis Mining!

About Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013 and now has registered offices in Iceland and Hong Kong. They are a cloud mining company, with their mining facilities based in Iceland capable of mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and many more. They provide the opportunity for you to join 1 million other customers to mine these coins in a more efficient way than you could yourself at home by rentin their state of the art hardware at just a fraction of its actual cost.

How To Use A Genesis Mining Discount Code

To use a Genesis Mining discount code log into your account at their website. Once on your dashboard, click either “Start Mining Now” or “Buy Hashpower” in the left hand menu. You will see the image below.

Genesis Mining Promo Code

Decide which 2 year contract you would like, you have a number of options to choose from. You should decide what coin you would like to mine as well as how much hashpower you would like to buy. To change the amount of hashpower use the sliding bar, obviously the greater the hashpower the more expensive it is. You can also choose multiple contracts at the same time if you wish to mine more than 1 coin. When you are happy with your selection click “Continue”. This will bring you to the screen below.

Genesis Mining Discount Code

On this page review your order and make sure that it is correct. Enter your code: OJGDjB in the field marked “Promo Code?” and click “Validate”. The 3% discount will be applied to your order and the new balance will be shown. Click on “Agree On Terms” and then click “Confirm Order” where you can then complete payment and start mining your chosen coins.

Genesis Mining Coupon

What Should I Do If My Genesis Mining Coupon Doesn’t Work?

The most common reason why a Genesis Mining referral code will not work is due to a typo, it is very easy to confuse a number with an uppercase or lowercase letter. We recommend copying and pasting the code to avoid any problems. If it is still not working please contact us so we can help you resolve the issue.

Why Choose Genesis Cloud Mining

Start Mining Instantly

With Genesis Mining you can start mining your chosen cryptocurrency within minutes. If you choose to mine yourself from home you might be waiting months for your hardware to arrive and you even be on a waiting list.

Cheaper Source Of Electricty

Unfortunately it is no longer profitable to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin from Western countries due to the relatively high cost of electricty in comparison to countries such as China. Genesis Mining have located their mining farms near to cheaper sources so that you can mine at a much lower rate than you could from your own home.

Close To 100% Uptime

Genesis Mining will do their very best to ensure 100% uptime of your mining hardware thus ensuring you are earning money 24/7.

All Of The Necessary Infrastructure Already Included

Mining rigs require extra cooling, maintenance and are of course extremely loud. They are actually as loud as a vacuum cleaner and so it is not really plausible to have them running in your own home, at least if you like being able to sleep. Genesis Mining takes care all of that for you, whilst ensuring your mining hardware is always operating at peak efficiency, free of any dust and downtime, they do of course charge a modest fee for their services.


Genesis Mining provide an extremely easy way for you to get started mining within minutes. You can login to see detailed stats of how many coins you have mined each day as well as a fully automated payment system so that you can sit back and relax. Overall it is a much better experience than doing it yourself and going through the hassle of researching and ordering a mining rig as well as having to do the day to day maintenance all by yourself.