Best Websites to Learn About Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin


In September 2017, Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan, dismissed Bitcoin as a ‘fraud’ that would soon blow up. In the two months since those comments, the value of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has doubled. As at the end of November 2017, the market cap of all combined cryptocurrencies has exceeded that of Visa, the world’s largest payments processor.

If you’re new to the crypto world, it is important to get your news from reputable sources so you can learn more important data like the above. In this short guide, we steer you in the direction of the best cryptocurrency news, reviews, general and forum websites, so you have all the information you need to make a sensible investment decision.

Best Crypto & Bitcoin News Websites

1 – The CoinTelegraph

The site claims that crypto is the ‘future of money’ and was founded in 2013. It is now considered as one of the most trustworthy sources of Bitcoin news online and but it covers news on practically every altcoin. As well as showing you live market updates, Coin Telegraph provides readers with the latest crypto news along with warnings about scams in the industry.

2 – CoinDesk

CoinDesk refers to itself as the ‘leader in blockchain news,’ and it isn’t wrong! It is known for its Bitcoin Price Index (CoinDesk BPI) which shows you the average price of Bitcoin across all exchanges. It was founded by Shakil Khan in 2013, and the Digital Currency Group acquired the site in January 2016. Its State of Blockchain quarterly report is a must-read for investors as it summarises the data, key events, and trends in the industry.

3 –

This is probably the single biggest bitcoin resource on the Internet. Not only does it give readers the latest Bitcoin information hot off the presses, but News Bitcoin also gives you advice on choosing the best wallet and even helps you purchase Bitcoins. It is a commercial site that lists a variety of companies related to Bitcoin, but it does stick with reputable agencies.

Best Crypto & Bitcoin Review Websites

1 – 99BitCoins

This site boasts that it “translates Bitcoin into plain English” and to be fair to 99BitCoins, it does an excellent job of presenting technical and complex information in layman’s terms. As well as looking at different mining and buying guides, the site checks out the best crypto wallets; a must have if you intend to invest in altcoins as a long-term hold.

2 – CryptoCompare

This site leaves no stone unturned when it comes to reviewing everything related to cryptoland. Whether you want to compare Coins, Exchanges, Wallets, or Mining, CryptoCompare has you covered. One of its best features is the overview which allows you to check out dozens of products at a glance. You get the star rating and a short description, but you can investigate each item further as the site offers detailed reviews.

3 – Bitcoin Exchange Guide

While this site pays a lot of attention to Bitcoin, it has a separate section dedicated to 70 alternative currencies. Bitcoin Exchange Guide provides detailed reviews of wallets, exchanges, mining methods and trading forums. It offers a quick and concise guide to every item it reviews and gives you enough information to make an informed decision. Its blog and Bitcoin FAQ page are also valuable resources.

Best Crypto & Bitcoin Forums

1 – Reddit Cryptocurrencies

While Reddit deservedly receives a lot of criticism, it is also home to a slew of people knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. As well as providing their own list of go-to resources, the financial experts on Reddit (yes, there are a few!) offer interesting insights into the markets which could help you make the right decisions. Steer clear of political discussions, and you’ll be fine!

2 – BitcoinTalk

Avid users refer to it as the Holy Grail of Bitcoin discussion, and there is certainly an impressive level of information available. The main forum is ‘Bitcoin Discussion,’ and it has over 1.4 million posts on over 70,000 topics so you’ll probably find the answer to any question you have. The Altcoin Discussion board is also extremely active, and you can discuss Ethereum, Litecoin and any other cryptocurrency you like.

3 – Cryptocurrency Talk

As well as offering news, links, and giveaways, Cryptocurrency Talk has a vibrant forum where you can discuss all things crypto with your fellow lovers of decentralized currency. It is an especially useful resource if you’re concerned about scams because users provide updates about dubious websites.

Best Crypto & Bitcoin General Websites

1 – CoinMarketCap

Coin Market Cap is the place to visit if you want the low-down on the latest crypto prices. You will find the most up to date prices of 100 altcoins on the first page alone. As well as giving you the current prices, Coin Market Cap provides data on the trading volume of each currency over the last 24 hours along with the circulating supply.

2 – CoinGecko

CoinGecko is another ‘must visit’ website for serious crypto investors as it provides the latest prices plus a host of interesting data. As well as showing you the total liquidity of each currency, CoinGecko allows you to view unique factors such as Public Interest. This metric focuses on the markets that are of most interest to investors at the moment. For example, at the time of writing, Steem Dollars were generating the most public interest.

3 – GeekWrapped

This is a live cryptocurrency news aggregator that provides readers with news feeds, prices & charts along with a list of relevant Reddit feeds. Instead of visiting each site to try and find important crypto news, browse GeekWrapped for news stories from sites such as CoinDesk and Coin Telegraph.

Final Words

We hope you find the above resources useful. Given the complexity of the market and the fact it is relatively new, information is your best weapon if you intend on boosting your bank balance with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.


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