Coinbase Shift Debit Card Review



  • Provides the American market with much-needed access to a Bitcoin debit card.
  • It charges no maintenance or Bitcoin conversion fees.
  • It enables users to connect to a Dwolla or Coinbase account.
  • It appears to be a trustworthy enterprise.


  • It doesn’t have its own wallet.
  • The virtual card is expensive compared to its rivals.
  • Only U.S. residents in 46 states have access.

If you own Bitcoins, you’re probably wearing a broad smile right about now due to its remarkable growth. However, you’re also frustrated that it’s so difficult to spend it in the ‘real’ world. Imagine a situation where you could pay for your daily coffee with Bitcoin. That day has finally arrived as companies clamour to provide instant access to Bitcoin in everyday situations. The Shift Card is one such option; read on to find out if it’s the best place to spend your Bitcoin.

What is Shift Card?

Shift Card is the result of a partnership between Shift Payment and Coinbase back in 2015. The goal was to launch the first Bitcoin debit card in the United States so Shift managed to raise over $2 million in seed funding to make the project a reality. The company was founded by Eugene Otto and Meg Nakamura and currently has its HQ in San Francisco.

Shift Card Services

The main service provided by Shift Card is a debit card that allows U.S. residents to spend their Bitcoins anywhere in the world. It provides an essential service for Americans because restrictions in the country mean few companies in the niche ever touch the U.S. market.

However, Shift Card has managed to navigate this legal minefield, and it offers the card to residents of 46 states. Unfortunately, you are not eligible if you live in Minnesota, Georgia, Hawaii or Connecticut.

The debit card works just like the rest of its rivals in the niche. Simply load your account with funds, and it is possible to use them immediately. Shift Card offers a virtual and physical card. You can use the virtual one straight away while the physical card should arrive at your address within seven working days. You can use the card in any location that accepts Visa, and when you connect Coinbase, you can spend online and offline at up to 38 million merchants around the world.

The signing up process is a little more complicated than firms offering cards internationally. You have to provide your date of birth, home address and your all-important Social Security number. If you’re concerned about the safety of your number; rest assured that it is secured by bank-level AES-256 encryption. All site traffic is routed through SSL encryption to ensure third parties are unable to gain access.

Once you receive the card, activate it via the mobile app or get in touch with the Shift Card help desk. You receive a four-digit PIN which has the last four digits of the phone number you provide at registration as its default setting, so we advise you to change it ASAP.

Shift Card Fees

The list of the company’s card fees is short and to the point:

Coinbase Shift Debit Card Fees

The daily limit is $1,000; you need to contact the Shift Card support team to get this figure increased. Dwolla account spending is limited to $500 a day while Coinbase spending is just $200 a day.

What is Shift Card Like to Use?

The website is about as minimalist as you can get; it has a nice design, but there is scant information beyond the most basic things you need to know about the Shift Card. To be honest, this isn’t a bad thing because it makes it easy for you to find out everything you need in double quick time. If you encounter any difficulties with registration or when using the card, get in touch with the company’s free Hotline or email the site at

Final Verdict on Shift Card

As it is backed by the power of Coinbase, Shift Card has enormous potential. It keeps things nice and simple which is no mean feat given the complicated regulatory issues users must face. Most importantly, Shift Card finally allows American residents to utilise a Bitcoin debit card. You can link this card to Coinbase or Dwolla to spend your cryptocurrency in the same manner as fiat currency.

Above all, unlike several of the companies in this niche that we have reviewed, there are few tales of dodgy behaviour from Shift Card. It appears to be a reputable company which makes it worth its weight in gold. We also like the fact that their fee structure is transparent and fairly low compared to its rivals.


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