Coinbase Referral & Sign Up Bonus

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California. Having raised $117M from investors it is now one of the largest exchanges for cryptocurrencies and is certainly the most popular amongst newcomers to the crypto space due to its easy to use interface and app. For more experienced users who want to trade a wider variety of altcoins they can easily transfer funds to their sister platform GDAX.

Coinbase Referral & Sign Up Bonus February 2018

Buy Or Sell $100 (£76) Of Digital Currency Or More And Earn $10 (£7) Of Free Bitcoin!
Buy Or Sell $100 (£76) Of Digital Currency Or More And Earn $10 (£7) Of Free Bitcoin!

Coinbase Referral Program Explained

Simply click on the link provided above and create an account at coinbase. You then need to either buy or sell $100USD or more (you can also use the equivalent of $100USD in your own currency) within 100 days of opening your account and you will receive a $10USD referral bonus in the form of bitcoin. Please be aware that buys can take up to 4 business days to complete. The payout will typically only take 10 minutes after the buy is completed and buys can take place over multiple purchases i.e. 4 separate purchases of $25USD would still count.

Coinbase Referral Not Working?

There might be a few reasons why the referral did not work:-

1) You must complete the order at for it to be a qualifying order, an order on their sister exchange GDAX will not count.
2) Coinbase will check for duplicate and/or fake accounts and a sign up bonus will not be paid to these accounts.
3) Duplicate or shared financials will also cause disqualification from the sign up bonus.
4) You have 180 days from opening your account to complete the sign up requirements and qualifying order. If 180 days have already past you will no longer be eligible for the Coinbase $10 sign up bonus.
5) You must be from a Coinbase supported country. Unfortunately Coinbase is not allowed to operate in every country.